Happy July! It's funny how our city is celebrating Christmas in July which would be something completely foreign to the rest of the world. The rest of the world is enjoying summer or warmer weather than us and when I read other blogs, I can see them all baring their legs with smiles.

Though I may not have done much during my break, this winter seems to be the best by far. Everything about this year's winter is almost new to me. Almost. If I am to compare this year's winter to the last one, I'd say that I'm doing many things differently. I know I don't talk about beauty or mention my make-up routine, perhaps I should, but this year I've noticed that I've not wanted to wear as much make-up or use heavy foundation. Last year, I was swearing by MAC's Pro Longwear foundation which is a medium to full coverage foundation, but this year I'm happily wearing Benefit's Hello Flawless which is a light to medium coverage. I've also had less drier skin than last year which has always been my greatest worry. My hair was also short if you can remember and it was sitting just above my shoulders and alas, I've grown my hair out again quite healthily might I add. Last winter, I also remember wearing more dresses with stockings than this year. I know I have to catch up with the amount of outfit posts I make, but I have realised how comfortable jeans and booties and a nice coat can be on a winter's day. And another thing to keep note for this winter, I've been really loving khaki. It's a colour that shows up everywhere at the moment and ironically, it's the colour the catches my attention the most. 
Chicabooti top//Glassons Jacket//Topshop Jamie jeans//Gummie booties//old thrifted bag//Brooch from the Sovereign Hill souvenir shop


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