I've introduced my dogs and some of my other pets before and having pets seem to be one of my best conversation starters with people I'm still getting to know. It's fun to watch different reactions from people once they realize that I have more animals than I need where I reside and when I explain that I have some scaly creatures as well. This is Flynn Rider but Flynn for short. He's named after Eugene from the movie Tangled. The only way animals like him should ever be worn is around your neck or wrist, alive. He's much smoother and slender compared to my other fur babies but I have so much respect for him none the less. 2 years ago, I honestly would not have seen myself owning a reptile. They freaked me out and I had negative feelings towards them. Especially snakes. I'm a curious person though and when I come across tonnes of suggested videos which eventually lead up to people and their crazy animal pets, I became fascinated with people who chose to have reptilians to look after rather than a cat or dog. I've since learned to appreciate the beauty of these slithering animals and began to want one for myself. 

Flynn is a Green Tree Python and his kind does not come cheap. The exotic pet trade is illegal here in Australia, but I can't believe this Sorong GTP is something I can have for my own. Snakes like him need quite some high quality care. Although he's actually pretty easy to look after, there were many things I had to consider and risk before I got him. I also had to acquire a wildlife license before I could purchase him and that is not an easy or quick process. It delayed for longer than a month when the breeder and I had exchanged hundreds of emails and was just playing the waiting game. Alas, he was sent to me all carefully packaged. Altogether, there was so much paperwork just to be able to have him as a pet and I don't think I've ever had to do such an amount of work and research for anything like him before. But it was worth it.

His enclosure is a live vivarium and he looks rather pretty being as green and bright as he is. He's nice and had never bitten. In fact, he could be the most shyest Green Tree Python there is, knowing their reputation is actually quite aggressive. A bite by him is enough to make you remember for a lifetime to try and never be bitten by a GTP ever again.


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