Project II [50s Dress]

It's probably been a year since I've posted one of these projects of mine and within that time frame I believe I've had many I haven't documented. It's official that I am now on Christmas holidays [although I have been for a week now] which means that  I could quite possibly have more time to be crafty and blog, unless of course I am somewhat invited to do other productive activities with friends.

This is Mother. She was invited to a family friend's wedding which was actually more like a 'renewal of vowels' and it was 50s themed. I was quite excited for this since 50s is probably my favourite era and if I were to pick when I was born, it was be late 30s to early 40s just so I could enjoy my youth in the 50s. My mum isn't one to allow people to touch her as much but when she consented me to do her hair and make-up, I was completely over-joyed but I also promised i'd keep it as simple as possible. I also made the dress for her even though she'll only ever wear it once. I'll probably end up resizing it later so that wit would fit me.


Inspiration... At It Again


Here are my groomsmen

Inspiration Overload Cont.

Inspiration overload cont.

It's been quite certain to me that if I were to get married, it shall be vintage-inspired and mostly DIY. This is pretty much what I'd hope the two mothers would be wearing.


Inspiration Overload!!!

For some readers who may also be following one of my favourite bloggers, Delightfully Tacky, then you either already know or are just now congratulating her since she recently got married to her now-husband, Chris. The photos of their wedding are absolutely adorable and I felt like posting up this bridesmaid inspiration that I've had in mind. 

A Tight Rope

A very special occasion is peeping its way around the corner and I'm very excited about it. In just three more weeks, Ink will be celebrating his 21st birthday which is why he is showing his thanks in celebration for another year with a themed party. His theme is Old Carnivale, but mostly it's quite open to many eras and contemporary genres of carnival which is quite impressive. He's been working hard in finding things to make his night perfect. 

I would really like to shot gun a tight-rope walker, I've asked permission to post it up on the Facebook wall but now, I don't feel like doing it anymore.  My idea is to wear a vintage style corset with plain neutral colours such as ivory, white, peach or gold. Also, make my own tutu since I can't afford a petticoat, a parisol, white stockings and ballet shoes. Here are some pictures I found inspiration from.





A Day Older Yet None the Wiser

So it is expected that the older you are, the smarter and wiser you become. This only ever had to backfire on the day I should be celebrating my 19th birthday. Despite my silly remarks, I had such a lovely birthday and I just want to thank all the people that made my day even more better. I didn't want anything for my birthday so I'm glad I only received a couple of gifts that I adore so much. Some were very special things and some were flowers an roses and they were so pretty. 

Ink and I went to take pictures for the morning and they didn't turn out poorly as I expected because of the lack of sunlight at that point of the day. But here are some...
Cardigan:Cocolatte//Dress:Valley Girl//Shoes:London Rebel//Anklet:Cotton On