Puppy Sitting

My best friend asked me to puppy sit her two dogs today while she was out for a couple of hours. She has a new labrador named Samson and he is one heck of a handful 70 percent of the time -ok, make it 80.  He's a pup so he's a constant pee-er and he's teething so you can only imagine how much a play bite hurts with his sharp pearly whites and that firmly structured jaw of his. Samson and Delilah seem to be getting along quite well now after a week of their introduction. Despite the first few months of baby-dilemmas, he sure will be a keeper. Samson is still quite floppy and that pot belly is huge. His fur is soft, his paws are ginormous, his cries are high-pitched and yet somehow he has an adorable personality. Once he falls asleep, he'll be dead-sleeping for ages. He's actually become slightly heavier than the last time I saw him and he seems to love being carried. He better enjoy it while he lasts because I'm sure he won't be carried for too long. I can't wait to see how much he grows in a few months time. What a cute little menace. 

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