The Warmth I Like

I'd like to be proud of what became of today. Starting off with a couple of things to help my mama with like washing the two little dogs and cleaning up a little while one of them got their hair -or more so, their knots cut off, leaving Poo-Chu with an uneven new "do". Peter and I visited a fabric store which we previously managed to stop by just after closing hours and I was left, locked outside and a little disheartened. Despite how unfortunate that day was, we actually made it in this time and the browse was haven. I mean, cottons in different patterns COLOUR COORDINATED though to my dismay, I didn't leave with any of them. But thankfully, I didn't leave empty handed either. With the amount of fanciful fabric, I probably would have grieved leaving with nothing. Peter bought me spandex which I'm absolutely excited about. And I hate saying that. Not because it's embarrassing, but because spandex. Stating how excited I am about it makes me slightly uncomfortable but their purpose is for a swimsuit I prototyped this week. All I need is lining and it shouldn't take me too long to have them done. 

After the seemingly long venture to Brunswick, we ate and promised to eat all that was on our plate. Never again could we order what we did and try to finish it. I mean, we managed to but it was a struggle for me to breathe especially since I made this dress myself. The classic silhouette doesn't accommodate room for too much food. We walked the food off in Altona and stayed there for a while. Posting these pictures up, I now see how we managed to 'somehow' colour coordinate. I love that anchor shirt.
Dress: Made it myself// Jellies: Lipstik// Headband: Target// Bag: Collette

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