Winding Down The Fast Lane

Almost 10 months ago was the new year which means we've already surpassed our Easter, most birthdays, three terms of school, mid-year intakes, graduations and received most of our taxes back. Without realising how swiftly this year goes by, we're still left complaining about how far the weekend is, or when the next holiday will be. I guess for me, it wouldn't be the same as I haven't been studying full-time for over a year now. It'll be time to get back into the swing of things next year. But until then, there's still a couple more celebrations that are on their way before the year is renewed and so many more things to be done. It's been three years and my best-friend and mother will be finishing their last year of Uni before entering their grad year. I for one, am looking forward to doing the whole "uni thing" again. I even look forward the the whining that will be me when the load picks up and the stress increases. Essays will be rusty yet, I'm still counting on them and goodness knows how I'll be coping. Summer is on it's way and though I'm not a major fan myself, I'm well over-eager for the warmer vibes, company and adventures to have before settling down next year. I guess what I'm trying to say is; I can't wait but it can wait.
Flats: Rubi//Shirt: Blackbyrd (Peter's shirt)//Skirt: Maxim//Belt: Thrifted

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