Sugar Coating

I've pretty much grabbed every typical thing to coax me into the temporary state of tranquility that I have been experiencing all week. I've asked for sweets, eaten all the snacks, found food that shouldn't be snacked on and snacked on it anyway, watching my favourite shows, eating the ice-cream in the freezer, cleaning my room, cleaning the house, eating when I'm already full and the one thing I've almost cried for all week is chocolate. It's not so much as something to be worried over but I mean, I'll admit, it's pretty darn normal for us women if not, most to go through these intervals. It's not an issue or concern, but more of a surprise as I can't believe I'm experiencing such a whirlwind of  overly sensitive feelings. BUT the dealio is that I'm not moody. See, I've actually quite enjoyed the outcomes of this very rare occurrence on my behalf. Anybody feel wonderful when they've done a full spree of spring cleaning and then feel like you can tackle the world the minute you've completed it all? I haven't walked the dogs in a while and I loved it just as much as the girls did. Mum usually does it in the mornings when I'm still lazily asleep in bed. I like watching shows with my mum when she has her breaks from her assignments and attempting to get her to talk about anything other than her assignments. I don't feel helpless right now. 

That being said, I can't say I'm in the best place either because I have nothing to pinpoint this to, quite exactly. I mean, I'd like to blame it on the next cycle of my period (hey, we're all ladies here... I think) but as a note, it will be a while. I've noticed that once I've accomplished my mandatory goals for the day, I feel great and the positive energy I have rubs off onto my mamabird which then rubs off onto my dad. Any positivity like that is sacredly appreciated especially in our family since I like to believe that we are almost borderline chaotic. But once I'm calm and have overcome my so called hype for the day, I become strangely emotional. Forgive me for the rare normality of this but it'll wear off in a couple of days. I've counted a total of 4 times that I've had a "good cry" this week. The most odd things and regretfully also at nothing. I wasn't gloating in negative thoughts. I'd just have the urge to cry a little and admittedly, it felt really good. So I don't know exactly what the source of this emotional wave is coming from but I'm hoping it'll be over soon because it's not helping the dry skin around my left eye heal any faster when it should. 

Now... let me watch the Pretty Little Liars double whammy with the spin-off, Ravenswood.

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