A Good Night For Twilight

Surely I'm not the only one who is quite infatuated by the abundance of delicious scents that Lush produces. Of course I walked in and bought myself more goodies for my baths and yes, I know I have posted about Lush a couple of times before but I suppose they're good enough to post about. I usually like partnering my bath bombs with bubble bars but tonight was a little different. I tried the mysterious Twilight tonight along with the Mum tulip wand. It was quite the display as an array of colours began fizzing onto the surface. Purple, blue, pink, white, yellow and so on over and over again. It smelled of sweet lavender and left quite a few specks of glitter on my arms, legs and everywhere else. Now, the wand is supposed to be almost like a bubble bar but on a stick. You're supposed to have it right under the running water or swirl it around in the tub and you'll have yourself some amazing bubbles, or so the lady in-store said. But to my dismay, I had made no bubbles from the wand. Perhaps I was in the wrong? But alas, it was without regret that I bought it because it smells so much like the Sex bomb bath bomb and I only ever buy the ones that smell pretty so its beautiful scent arose and tickled my nose. They were a beautiful pair and the aroma of flowers and roses filled the air. I was well relaxed and my insides consumed the steam. It was once again, one of the most pleasant nights to have a bath.

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Makayla Rose said...

This looks sooo relaxing!