Warm Things and Small Things

Sweaters, beanies, scarfs

The days of chilly morning wake ups have arrived and I for one can either love or hate this but for the most part (being warmed up) I really do love winter. Though I guess you would hardly call it a winter here in Australia, apparently. While we complain, our friends from across the world remind us how our winters will never compare to theirs. Plus, we lack snow and the joys of the Christmas season. But when winter comes, oh boy do I feel it in my fingers and my toes. You can mildly call these winter staples but I suppose they're a part of my wish list this year too.

1. Sweaters. The average everyday knit to layer on top of anything. I would like to get my hands on some cropped ones so that they won't cover the waistlines on my dresses whilst I also have a shorter torso.

2. Tartan. For the sole purpose that tartan blues, greens and reds will go with just about anything you wear.

3. Gingham. Keeping with the check pattern, I have wanted to make myself a gingham dress for a while which I intend on perhaps doing before my placement in schools starts. Black and white would be my go-to as I lack in monochromatic colours and layering would be effortless.

4. Beanies. Peter knitted me a beanie last winter that I love but is currently missing a pompom and so I bought myself one for the meantime. But I'm really enjoying the warmth my head has been thanking the beanie for and of course, I'd probably want a few more.

5. Jeans. In the past year, I've noticed how comfortable I've been with wearing pants instead of wearing dresses. As much as I love them, I've felt warmer in pants and I admit that when it comes to what I think looks nice compared to being warm, I would choose warmth for the most part of winter. It won't hinder me from buying dressed but I see an increase of jeans inhabiting my wardrobe soon.

6. Jackets. I go to university for three days have work for two and probably go out once or twice a week. I have my winter coat that I purchased off Sheinside which I use slightly formally rather than as casual wear. I don't think I would like the look of it with jeans but because I go nowhere to impress, jackets for causal everyday wear which won't change as a trend for next winter is what I'm really looking for.

7. Flats. My feet will probably hate me for this but I already have a few boots I have been using for years like my Doc Martens and a new pair of glittered Gummie's which will arrive in the mail for me. But To be honest, I have no flats to wear. I threw them out and used other shoes to fill that void but I'd like a few new pairs. I may be short but heels are too much effort for my feet. 

8. We Are Friends - Taylor or Layla. Need I say more? I try not to drain my phone batteries but when I saw this on a French Bulldog, he made me like them all the more. Then I saw them in store and I feel like I'm being sucked in.


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