This is how my attempt at Polyvore worked out

Have you ever looked through your magazine and envyed those nice pair of shoes? That rad as shirt? Those sick as sunnies? That's happened to me quite often, and my usual reaction is that I have no money to buy them! That's alright, I love to window shop and I found the right website to do that. Ever heard of Polyvore? I've heard it mentioned plenty of times but I thought it was time to give it a quick look. It's left me with a pretty good impression thus far. I'm obviously not quite used to it yet but I had a go...3 actually. Here's two of which I am quite happy about becuase they didn't turn out so bad:

Inspiration: I want to wear an outfit in the theme of creams, browns and peaches to my Year 12 Formal at the end of the year, which hopefully Inkarri is openly invited to. Nude colours is a simple way of expressing your elegance and I even fancy this dress, but it's way too pricey for my liking. If you know me, I'm a cheap ass myself and I like to save up my money for thing I WILL wear often. I'm also not the kind to wear jewellry when wearing party dresses because I like to show off my clavicles? Haha, no. I just find it prettier and simple is way easy for me...unless I had money.


Inspiration: Ahh, winter has always been about wearing pants. I know it's too cold for shorts and skirts but with the right stockings, you'll probably be as warm as when wearing pants and you'd probably look even stylish too. I've composed this outfit right at the top of my head and found some cool items such as the gold-buttoned beret in there. I have also recently developed a fetish for brown shoes...or brown heeled wedges, I don't know why and if I ever found a pair like that one, I'll definantly be saving up for it!


julia. said...

oh! really nice:D

re: really? i had no idea cherry blossom never grew in australia!

julia. said...

re: oh! then i can tell you a secret;) cherry trees have a kind of sugar bulbs on the branches near the leafs. that attracts ants who keep other insects away! kind of smart, dont you think? ;)

inked said...

o cool. I love polyvore