The Sorely Unprepared

The weather today was much more wet and colder than yesterday but all the more fun to get some squishy noises happening on a small walk around the property. I have to say, I kind of feel like it's much warmer down where we are compared to the freezing temperatures up at Lake Mountain. Yes, we did journey up the mountain for a bit of a drive severely unprepared but our ventures weren't without laughter. Whilst everyone was geared up in gloves, waterproof jackets and stacks of toboggans, we arrived in normally thin cotton socks, no gloves and jeans. One of us didn't even bring a coat and "cleverly" improvised with a sleeping bag. The car ride up was exciting as for the most part, it was foggy but the dare to step outside the car felt almost like a risk of life and death with our lack of warmer attire. My fingers would have frozen themselves but a few managed to capture the exhilarating view on Snapchat. I do regret not taking pictures in the fog but I just don't think any of my phalanges would have appreciated that.
Sheinside Coat
Glassons Shirt
Cocolatte Cardigan
Valleygirl Pants
Big W Gumboots 
ASOS Beanie


Forgetful Moments

Although my mid year break has finished, I may have gone on a belated trip to Buxton with my cousin and her friends but only for the weekend. My holiday weakness would probably be packing because inevitably, I end up forgetting at least something once I'm halfway through to my destination. Most of the time it's the really easy things to remember like my toothbrush or extra socks. But this time my cousin reminded me to bring my gumbooties in case it's muddy, snowy and super cold which of course I was more than keen to bring as I haven't had the opportunity to get them dirty this winter. It was them which I had forgotten to pack and so I had bought this pair from Big W for quite a bargain I wasn't expecting. They fit perfectly and I've already stomped a few puddles trying to get pictures for a post. Since I am without a laptop, I've just made do with some easy editing on the iPad and I'm not entirely sure how his will go for me for the rest of the weekend. Speaking of which, it's going to be a long one and I'm quite comfortable finishing off this post after watching Oculus, eating maltesers and enjoying a pint of Renberg. 
Big W Gumboots
Valley Girl Sweater
Scarf from Lincraft
Skirt from Rodeo Drive
Target Stockings
Sheinside Coat


The House of the Setting Sun

According to Nick and Lilah who built their utopian getaway atop a mountain in West Virginia, a conventional home wasn't the dream they planned so instead, they built their own cabin with one wall covered in windows they had collected. I'm left rather envious at the concept of their home and also quite in awe of the stories and histories found in building this place. Each window having their own story of when and where Nick and Lilah found them from. I really do admire how they conjured up this beautiful dream from a small joke they made on one of their first dates in this exact location. There's also a video of their beautiful home here if you would like to see it.

*Pictures and more/original post from Free People

It Was The Beard Who Had Me

Beards aren't for everyone and I'm glad that's the case because honestly, I've never really appreciated them until I saw Peter grow his. I've become used to the extra compliments he receives daily when we're out for walks or dinners and I'm more than fine with that since I'm still quite in awe of it all. Along with his moustache, the facial hair is pretty neat but it's neater when he trims it which is something he has overdue. I think it's the reason why I so love to take pictures of him. He's photogenic in a way even if he just has to stand idle without a glint of a smile. He's pretty perfect.


Too Keen

Pastel and Nude

Just an outfit I had in mind. I've recently been enjoying soft palettes which is quite 
contradictory to the winter season of warmer classics.

Trying New Things

I'm one of those people who order the same things every time. As much as I'd really want to have something that isn't like what I always have, I just find comfort in knowing what I always like and that if I do decide on getting what I usually do, it will satisfy me. Honestly, I'm quite too attached to my comfort zone to have any need or want to step out and try something else. But there are just some things in life that I'll always prefer over many other things, otherwise I spend quite some time developing mental arguments of whether or not I should take a plunge on something else. Impulse is rare but is also recommended. In the last few weeks there are plenty of things I've decided to try out of curiosity, boredom and desperation. For me, these took days of contemplation, even if it was the smallest of things to mention. 

Since one of my lovely tear drop earrings fell out, I had been looking for new ones to replace them and then I considered purchasing a pair of hooped earrings. Once I have earrings in, I don't change them until they break or fall out because I forgot I'll have other pairs waiting to be showcased or forget to take them out to put my daily ones on or something. So I just don't change them, ever (unless this changes too). I love my new pair and I was hoping for a bigger diameter but these do me just fine and like pearls and diamonds, you don't need to think twice about how well your outfit looks with them in. I also decided on getting a bob cut. My cousin's friend did my hair for me and she did an absolutely wonderful job! She worked underneath my hair for the most part as I have thick boofy hair and her work has helped tame it. I love short hair. I love cuts in general as they make my head feel so much lighter. I get my hair cut at shoulder length once a year and ironically, I always end up giving myself extra time on my hair because things don't like to stay down. I've steered away from bob cuts because they're even more to style and I'm lazy. I love the feel of nothing touching my shoulders when I get out of the shower and getting ready is effortless. Lastly, I purchased this skirt from Sheinside and when it arrived, hearts formed around my eyes. But Pairing anything with pastels for me means only whites, off whites or blacks. It's not because I don't have an eye for matching things with them (although I probably don't), but it's more because I just like how it looks that way. But for me to choose to wear a pastel palette ensemble was a real deal breaker for me. But I'm glad I chose something cute today.

Dotti Jumper
Sheinside Skirt
London Rebel Flats
Dangerfield Apple Bag
Supre Jacket
Colette Hair Clip
Casio Watch

Pictures taken by Peter


Shepherd's Pie

I'm no cook but I really wanted to use this baking pot Peter bought for when we made cottage pie and since pie's seem to be a winter recipe, I thought I'd try a shepherds pie which turned out to be quite delicious by the end. I've never thought of doing a food post before besides posting drool-worthy recipes I've wanted to try but never ended up doing and so this time it went pretty well. I have no idea about how lighting goes but thankfully, I did more than okay this time round but wishing that I had taken a few more shots.

4 servings

- 1 large carrot
- 1 large celery stick
- 1 onion
- 700g lamb or beef mince
- 2 tablespoons tomato paste
- 2 cups beef stock
- 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
- 3 large potatoes, peeled and cut into quarters or smaller
- 40g unsalted butter
- 1/2 cup milk
- 2 teaspoons cornflower
- 2 tablespoons water
- 1/4 cup chopped parsley leaves 
- Salt and pepper

OKAY, let's go! 
1. Finely chop the carrot, celery and onion. Since I'm not a Masterchef myself, I tend to use any cheats as possible so I used a food processor for this step. It's useful for skipping an onion-crying step when cooking anything.

2. Heat oil in a deep non-stick frying pan on a low/medium heat and then add the carrots, celery and onion and cook for 2-3 minutes or until soft. Add mince and stir for 5 minutes or until cooked and brown.

3. Add tomato paste, beef stock and Worcestershire sauce. Stir and then bring to the boil or until the sauce has evaporated. Turn the heat down and let simmer for 15 minutes.

4. Whilst the mince mixture is simmering, you can then boil your potatoes until tender and then drain them (tip: drip the potatoes into the water first before dropping them in to avoid splashes of hot water). Leave them in the same pot so you can mash them and then add the milk, butter and a bit of salt and pepper. Leave to the side, covered to keep warm.

5. Mix the cornflour into the water until it becomes a watery paste and then add it into the mixture. Keep it simmering until the sauce has thickened a little. Stir in the parsley then add the salt and pepper to taste.

6. Heat your oven grill on high. Transfer mixture into a baking bowl or dish and then spread the mash over the top of it. Place under the grill for 5 minutes or until golden. Then let it cool down a few minutes before serving.

If you want, you can seam some beans and carrots to serve on the side. And here is the original recipe.

*All pictures taken by me


Learning My Fear-Nots

This post isn't at all as sensitive to me as it would have been if I had wrote something similar a few years ago. In fact, I'd probably be writing something completely different but please understand that it still is personal and the reason I felt like sharing is because of how proud I am that I have transitioned into the person I am today. I, like most girls have had many things to be insecure about as we grew up; whether it be the physical or spiritual being of ourselves. It was no help that most girls I was surrounded by were quite similar to myself and we grew up influencing each other by comparing ourselves. Thankfully, we've mostly outgrown that 'stuff' but I'm sure we can still occasionally be caught wishing for things we see others have that we don't. I remember a time when I had a few things I thought I should be self-conscious about and I was so insecure that I would always make up excuses for the certain things that I chose to wear. I had things I thought I needed to hide and that there were things I should improve on. Although I didn't experience such excessive emotional battles, I now look back and realise how much time I spent worrying about this 'stuff'. Most of the things that I thought about myself was purely because of puberty and high-school phases and they are just the most silliest things that I could think of. I'm pretty sure I went from worrying about what scars I had that I could hide, to what perfume boys might like. Sure, the early years of high-school I spent worrying about boys but transitioning from VCE to who I'd be once I graduated; I wasted a few sulks on what I thought was not quite right with me physically and emotionally. And for years that's all I would ever think about. Standards was something that always stood out in the front of my mind. 

I think up until last year perhaps, all I ever wanted to be was to meet someones standards. It never mattered to me by whom, but I had to try or else I'd have those days where I wouldn't feel myself. I mean, I was never obsessed with the idea of being perfect but I was more fixated about the things that I thought were flaws. I never shared this feeling with anyone because I knew that it wasn't good for me. So I'm not too sure what has really developed since then. Perhaps I just stayed home too much and became to lazy to care about what I used to; or maybe it's because the people I surrounded myself with have also changed; or it could be because I have met the most amazing person that never falls short a day without telling me I'm beautiful; or hearing from pastors speak about beauty over the years; or I just grew up and it happens to us eventually. I don't know what has changed, but I'm not so insecure. From time to time I might still point things out (like that fact that I don't stop sneezing or being itchy), but for the most part, I'm no longer caught dwelling in thoughts of my flaws. I try to do well in just looking after myself and appreciated that there are some things that I possess which other people wished they could have too. I could list the many things I was self-conscious about but it'd be a long list plus, it's unnecessary. 

I just know that this positive transition has made me be the better me that I could and should have been many years ago. I thank God every day for all the things He has made a part of me which work for all their purposes. I love my chicken pock dots and my flat-buttoned nose. I love taking a picture without fear of looking ridiculous for all those who see my social media. I love not worrying about the perception of others and I just love the fact that the person I am is no longer concerned about such nonsensical dilemmas.