Jeric's Videoshoot

(Mel & Sarah)

Ok, so my plan was to take pictures throughout the day which Jeric had so carefully planned. This video was shot for his 18th birthday which comes up very soon and APPARENTLY there will be lead up videos to his birthday. Can't wait. So batteries died just before we had started filming the part where everyone randomly dances around Jeric whilst he mimes the lyrics to a Justin Bieber song [I know...no need to whine]. It was hilarious and now that I think about it, it was pretty silly because I don't dance and because half of the time that we were being filmed, I was just bouncing. Not looking forward to that part of the video.
I completely missed out on taking pictures during the food fight, or cream fight I should say. It was an amusing moment for Em and I. Watching Jeric getting fully owned by his school friends was a highlight of the day. Holidays are almost over and I wish there were more days such as this, hanging out with your friends. I miss it.

Pictures take by me