Too Much Too Young

Diane who is the personal author of the Too Much Too Young blog, lives life with her 35mm filmed camera. Whilst film is now sold at a high price for there are only rare amounts of people who use it constantly, she is living the dream by reliving and sharing her personal pictures with people who read her blog. She projects her talent through her photography and now I am left anticipating for more. I've decided to follow her blog too for the contents of every post are always as unique as the last. Rummaging through her personal pictures, I find her life one heck of an amazing ride. I peeked through some pictures which she takes herself and her life consists of day trips, regular thrifting, gigs, and insignificant events that take place in her life. I often see her name being mentioned in many other blogs and I decided that it was time to have a look. She rarely takes pictures of herself, but I came across a few that I will share. Her blog is highly recommended.


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