I Fell Madly In Love

I was wandering through the vintage inspired dresses on Modcloth's site and I fell completely in love with this dress! Like I said, floral patterns entices me and the shape of the dress is just perfect! - hence the name of it. I visited Polyvore so I could create some sort of outfit for it and this is what I've got. Yes, you can call me a dreamer for I could not come up with the money to buy all these things...unless I had a job.

Calls for some sun

Calls for some sun by thelittlequirks featuring Seychelles shoes

Trimmed to Perfection Dress-Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes, $58
Seychelles Women's Blimey Pump, $110
Vintage Aquarius Festival Bag-Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage..., $50
Forever21.com - New Arrivals - 2073150234, $6.80
Mini Straw Hat Hairclip, 6 GBP

Inspiration: The mini straw hat was the cheapest thing I could find and it is so cute! I had found a vintage bag like that at Savers but before I could grasp the item in my hand, some girl took it away from me which filled me with anger and jealousy! Mmmm, most of my favourite bloggers have Seychelles and I found these and I'm quite glad because they don't have the broque pattern on them, I find those grose for heels. But they look so much better in their original model which is broque flats. And of course you have to finish an outfit with a belt. I'm happy with my findings for the day.


Audrey J. said...

what a cute dress, i'm in love with florals too!

Robyn said...

Modcloth has been killing me lately. I have to stop looking, because their summer dresses are amazing.