It Doesn't Seem To Fit

Don't give me the "that's what she said" jokes.

You know what annoys me the most? Is that as soon as I finish a roll of film that I would like to develop, there never is a place locally that can do it. I just don't get it. Manual camera's are in fact, the highest in demand in the indie markets and in just that area is incredibly huge. So I don't understand why our most loved camera stores or laboratories won't start realizing how much money they could make with this and start building themselves new labs that could be in reach from anyone. I don't mind travelling to get them done, but now it even seems to take days for companies to develope one roll of film for me. If it was within walking distance, I couldn't care less because obviously it is less the effort. Please don't think I'm lazy, but having to travel to get my film at a lab then travelling to collect them another day isn't what I have in mind to waste a couple of hours during my days. Also, one more thing to rant about is the variety of film I can find. Actaully, I can't find any. What ever happened to going to the supermarket to buy film? I'm tired. My thoughts are probably just imprudent...


Amelia Amuso said...

The cost to develop film is too expensive for the demand it has. Even if they're popular among indie culture, the demand still lacks for the technology to be readopted for business purposes.

Blue Iris Rivera said...

i guess... but som labs cost about the same as digital pictures per film. they're just poor in quality though.

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