The Moment Everyone Waits For

It's finally hit me that I've completely finished school. That there won't be anymore long or short [depending on how fast I feel like walking] walks in the either too hot or too cold weather. No more uniform to label what type of student I was or what school I came from. No more school friends to see every day of your week to hi to and greet with a kiss. Nor is there a teacher to tell you off for having your phone or iPod out for them to conviscate off you. School life isn't something I won't miss because I've been at it for 13 bloody years. And to add things all up. It was worth it. It was worth finishing and going through tough studies and people complaining at how nervous they are for their exams. I wasn't really that nervous, I never really was stressed about it. Although I had to admit, it was hard for me to go through my second semester of VCE due to the unforgetable experience I had that had hindered me for a couple of weeks learning. To find out that the person I wanted to work better for wouldn't be there, that was my major downfall all year. But somehow by the grace of God I managed to pick myself up again. This better make me stronger.

Of course uni will be the same, with the slight change of transport, friends, classes, corridoors, teachers and the surroundings. I'm so glad that I got into the first preference that I had wanted the whole time. It never really occured to me that it actually does take some amount of had work to get to where I am and where I will be. JMC is the best place that could ever except me so that I could further my growth musically. There is one thing I am slightly confused about though. I asked to get into the Bachelors Degree but I didn't get the ATAR that I wanted so I changed it to an Associate Degree before trying to enroll. Now it's impossible to get into a Bachelor's because I didn't get a high enough score for their pre requisits. But I have been accepted into a Bachelor's Degree. That is incredible and I have no idea how I deserved that. I think the favour of God is upon my mother and I and we've just been so blessed and I promise that I will work very hard at JMC, especially because of the money my parents will have to sacrifice for me to go there every year.

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