Life In Cliche Mode

I sat down tonight thinking about myself whilst the Rivera family roared in laughter in the kitchen. I kinda knew this quirky side of me and I thought that maybe you should know a little bit about me...

Now for some peculiar reason, I find myself very charmed by the cliche monologues and scenes of romantic cliche movies. I mean, as much as I cringe at corny gestures and roll my eyes at the unmistakable cues of innuendos and the faulty behaviors of individual characters.

There's something about walking into a room filled with flowers, eating a desert to find a surprise of an engagement ring, kissing in the rain, climbing the double story house to sneak in at night, stargazing, finding a bunch of roses on your desk, waking up to a love note on your pillow, canoeing, surprise hugs, basking in the presence of your crush as if they are the only person in the room, swearing on promises (or asking to be turned into a vampire so you can be together 'forever' if your into that stuff. Blerg).

Then after a while, I start growing fond of the guy characters who play are played to be subtle, innocent seducers by using their genuine charm, beautiful eyes and their choice of fashion flare. I'm like my mum in a way, falling in love with the characters and wishing to live in flawless love like that. But that's all silly... Though there's nothing wrong with imagining.

I'm on the mood for a romantic comedy right now or another one of those geeky/nerdy high school teen love movies.

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