Please Just Stay

Keeping things just the way they are is probably the most difficult thing to maintain. It all looks the same, dull and all, but often I see change taking it's place swiftly. I don't know why but in this stage of my life particularly, I see change all the time. It's a very significant event that I take seriously but yet, I tell no one about.

Don't you find yourself frequently convincing yourself that when time comes, your going to do something about it but your just too arrogant to step up and 'walk your talk'? But you just so happen to slip back in your chair and avoid blaming yourself because it has gone too far yet, you calmly suggest forgetting about it because it'll all be fine once more only to find that something will aggravate your feelings again?

Call me self-centered or whatever but I'm actually heaps too insecure and I don't have much confidence in me letting people into what I truly feel and believe. I guess the reason why you are given change is because it's meant to build a stronger you. But suppose it doesn't make you stronger... Then perhaps this change has made you weaker. The weaker you are, the weaker you look and to shut up is to look stronger, therefore you look stronger and no one will ever know.

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