Warning! Negative Content

I've only made just a slight adjustment to my blog. It's still the same only, I felt that I may have needed to change things. If I haven't yet told you, I have a new Tumblr account and It's pretty much me posting pictures "and such" completely dedicated to men's and women's fashion. To visit it click here. It's just an extension to my blog and surprisingly enough, I post daily compared to this. I will be keeping my blogger for my writing because that is what I still love to do. Just with less of the hassle to adding pictures which takes much more effort here than Tumblr. But I love them both anyways! I do hope you take a look and follow it too.

Anyways, I wasn't here to ramble on about the two different blogging sites. I just had this thought that has been tickling my brain and if you knew the answer I think it would help me so much with this confusion that I'm going through.

I don't like to dwell much on the subject but I really just wanted to talk about sin. We all know what sin is, what we aren't to do as human beings that may be counter to what God wants for us. Sin is sin, but I've never seen it as "really bad" sin and "not so bad" sin. I haven't been snooping but I surely have been noticing people who intend to rebel or be idiots and whatnot for their sakes. I don't know if it has to do with the mindset of "living life to the fullest". I mean I certainly don't have anything wrong with that, I too want to live my life to the fullest by fulfilling my greatest dreams that reach the moon and back. But to some I think they have put it into the wrong context. I think that now, people have become so focused on the inaccuracies and inconsistencies of the scriptures. Trying to find that slightly small loophole where they can bring upon great influences and consequences whilst getting away with it ever so easily.

I can't say I haven't sinned before, I have and I bet you my biggest dollar that I will, because I'm only human. But should "being human" be our excuse for our faults that we can avoid? I don't think so. If we were given strength to do something, I think that it is useless for you to do something wrong and say that you "tried". Trying is just a word. No one can see you try. It just fills the gaps to make everyone feel better. But you know what people can see? They can see you walking the talk. Don't say "try", because that's no excuse. Say "do" or else you wouldn't of been given strength in the first place.

Am I a hypocrite for pointing out the imperfections of others? Because I sin, and for one sin all the same. There is no greater sin, or no smaller sin. It's sin, all the same demerits come with it. I guess what I'm trying to say is that people should hit the pause button and look around. Look at yourselves and start your judgment from there. Then you can do the point at others only if they're different from you.

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