Tumblr Boredom...

Because even though I may appreciate my life... Tumblr and "stuff" take my mind off things. These are Tumblr quizzes and I'm just going to answer them, just because?

1. Full name - Blue Iris Aguliana Bermejo Cruz Rivera
2. Nickname - Blue
3. Zodiac sign - Scorpio
4. Elementary school - St. Augustines
5. Tall or short - Too short
6. Sweats or jeans - Both?
7. Orange or apple - Apple anyday
8. Do you have a crush on someone - Over this already *rolls eyes*
9. Eat or drink - Eat
10. Piercings - 6
11. Pepsi or coke - Pepsi

Have you ever...
12. Been in an airplane ? Yes
13. Been in a relationship ? Yes
14. Been in a car accident ? Yes
15. Been in a fist fight ? No

Firsts & lasts
16. First piercing - When I was 6 months old (my ears) but that doesn't count. My left tragus.
17. First best friend - Chantelle
18. First award - Beautiful voice (grade prep)
19. First crush - Nick Carter
20. First word - I've never been told what my first word was
21. Last person you talked to in
person - Danny
22. Last person you texted - Danny
23. Last friend you watched a movie
with - Cameron
24. Last food you ate - Steak
25. Last movie you watched in 3D - I can't remember if it was Avatar or A Christmas Carol
26. Last song you listened to - Anberlin - Feel Good Drag
27. Last thing you bought - A fascinator
28. Last person you hugged - My mum

29. Food - I have to think really hard about this because I really like a lot
30. Drink - Water... true story
31. Flower - I don't have one but for the sake of my name, Iris'
32. Animal - CHINCHILLAS!!!
33. Color - I learned not to be picky with colours so I like them all
34. Place - That's for me to know and for you to... well, not know
35. Movie - A Nightmare Before Christmas
36. Subject - Music/English

Have you ever ...
37. Fallen in love with someone? Yes
38. Celebrated Halloween? YES!!!!! STUPID QUESTION
39. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone? When I wasn't the one who used to pay for it
40. Wanted to smack someone upside the head? No? That sounds silly
41. Eaten a whole pizza? No
42. Did something you regret? Yes... but I don't regret them anymore
43. Broke a promise? Yes
44. Hid a secret? Yes
45. Pretend to be happy? Yes

Your future...
46. Want kids? I want 4
47. Want to get married? Very muchly
48. Career? Teaching

Which is better in the opposite gender?
49. Lips or eyes - Eyes... and neck
50. Shorter or taller -Taller
51. Romantic or spontaneous - Both, I suppose
52. Hook up or relationship - Relationship thanks
53. Looks or personality - To me, both play a role...

Have you ever...
54. Lost glasses/contacts? No
55. Snuck out? Yes
56. Held a gun/knife for self defense? No. But for fun
57. Broke someones heart? Yes :(
58. Been in love? Yes

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