Entries I failed to complete..

So here are some DRAFTS I found that I never posted or never finished writing... interesting to read what went through my mind....

Ignore the picture, I just felt like posting my very filling but also sickening lunch for the day before I start heading off for my VET class. Also before I start rambling on with more nonsense, pardon my English or writing as I'm actually using my phone for a post for the first time!

So at the moment I'm sitting at Maccas and the scent of ciggarette has leaked into the restraunt. I know it's taken me three days to post something which I was intending to type on on Tuesday night but I've been too busy baking cupcakes and doing other productive activities. So anyways, I was sitting here looking at my meal and how the colour red somehow makes you hugrier and I remembered that I wanted to write about how much Literature has been bugging me at the moment.

Yeah, I realise that everything I've just said makes no sense to you but that's ok. Let me explain... I take up a Literature class and all we do for every context is write an analysis on whatever we've been studying. It's all about what we think the author is trying to tell their readers through the many use of symbolism. We probably have at least 2 pages of reasons for each symbolism thought of for one pine of each play or poem that we read. Meditating on reccent and current event of somewhat I am kind of glad did occur, has got me concentrating on the theory that "everything happens for a reason". May it be true or not, I've given up on asking questions why.

Spring here is the biggest symbolism standing out to me at this point in time of my life. As autumn and winter helps deteriorate and eradicate the things of life and it's purposes, Spring has brought the most important transition to a new beginning. The feeling of new life and a new start is completely refreshing. Tuesday noon-evening has brought my inner peace and helped this spring become a more significant season to conserve.

back to the topic of symbolism, I found it quite awkward that on times when I did feel the need to cry, the rain would start attacking the car I was in. And when it was most intense moments, the rain would pour and the wind outside became so violent. But as I started to calm down, the rain slowly halted and the wind eased itself. If you ask me, this is a great coinsednce and I'm probably just getting carried away with my paranoia of Literature symbolism..

I think I've got to go now. Mum's been waiting in the car park for me..

As much as I enjoy the sand rather than actually swimming in water, There's no doubt the beach has potential to produce the most beautiful and quite artistic pictures.

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