Wounds and Scars

And I welcome myself back into the world of blogging after disappearing for a period that seemed long enough for TLQ to become non-existant. I haven't been coming home early enough to take time to write things down for you and for myself but since I have time now, I have some thing to share with you that I've been thinking a lot of recently. I also went through at least a week without a charged laptop, so this also hindered me slightly from being able to put up a decent post about anything really.

This will be short enough for you to move on with your life, or even dismiss it if you wish to. I've been thinking about physically being hurt with the healing process following shortly after, and how this may relate to myself or anyone in particular. To be in pain is a obviously a bad thing, to be wounded, to be hurt, but when these repulsive scars begin to appear, we regret them most than the pain we originally felt. 

When I begin to describe pain, I mean this mentally and spiritually... 
I have come to realise that as much as a scar can be mostly unattractive, they are the things that remind us of what we have healed ourselves from. The bigger the scar, the more it reminds us of all the turmoil we had once to savour and fight. But the best thing about scars is that they symbolise healing. Scars depict our strength because to have scars means to have self-control, courage and bravery. Sometimes I become weak and I still pick at the little scabby fragments that I am still yet to heal from. My other scars show me that I may have lived through the worst times, and yet I have been completely healed, my wounds are open no more and the past has no use for me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is my scars and maybe your's too,  are there to show people that you weren't alone in this journey of self-preserving your heart. God was there to help me heal and now the scars are just a story of triumph over trials.

That is all.

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