How Possible Is This Impossible?

I have this weakness towards the possession of cameras even though I don't really care about photography. Sometimes I come across antiques, others, I simply get sucked into buying vintage inspired ones. Heard of the classic Polaroid? I'm sure you have. Apparently they discontinued manufacturing their film photography products but because of a high-demand in which is now the "independent marketing industry", instant film photography has emerged once again and I'm really excited. 

Polaroid has released their latest project which is called 'The Impossible Project' and they are all remakes and improved versions of classic Polaroid that some dared to throw away in the past. One disadvantage to this is how much money you could be spending to be often using one of these. There's film that's around $25 a packet and it includes a cartridge of 8 slides. Worth it? I don't know. But I still really want one of these babies.
All images via The Impossible Project

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