Love Locks

It's safe to say that now the weather is beginning to warm up, frozen cold drinks, slushies and the sort are the go-to thirst quenchers. Two consecutive days and I've already been taking advantage of the McDonalds coke floats. Not that that matters...

I'm looking for a copy of A Very She and Him Christmas on vinyl so yesterday, Peter and I wandered around the city since we had time to after my exam. Sadly, I came home without an LP since no one had a copy in hand that I could just purchase. I think I'll have to consider having to order it in before it's too late and Christmas is long gone *crosses fingers*. Yesterday wasn't all filled with unfortunate outcomes as we did take a few pictures of the love locks on one of the bridges from Crown to Flinders station. And we met Sherman the brindle frenchie. He's the fourth one we've met this year and I'm enjoying the short-second company they bring us when we greet them and their owners. Protruding every question we can fit into a minute without being desperate, their owners have been kind enough to tell us about the lives of their little ones with smiles. Mr Sherman surely was a happy little fella.

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