Days Off

Peter has recently been blessed with a new job along with a couple of offers he received from other places whom were undoubtedly impressed by his skills and potential as a bartender or the sort. Congratulations to him by the way and I'm so glad he works where he does now. He's been badassing it for a couple of days and I even had the pleasure of meeting a couple of the people working with him. On a day off I was torn between picking places to go for the day's trip. But we managed. The heat to and from in his car from the lack of a working air-con was all worth it once we walked over the small hill to the beach. The breeze was cool and peaceful. Sadly, we hadn't stumbled across any rock pools but we caught glimpses of fish swimming near by in the shallow parts of the beach. The water was both hot and cold, keeping our temperatures cooler for the day and we relaxed for a bit before heading back to the car. I've mentioned this before but I don't fancy beaches much however, taking your toes for a dip or just the scenery is rather satisfying, indeed. 

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