Sweet Scents

My mamabird and I both usually know which perfumes or candles smell really nice but we also prefer much different scents compared to each other. She's more drawn to anything with floral or minty scents whereas I love and will continue to stick by fruity smells. I find that the smell of fruits is much more awakening than anything else really. Besides the mango candle that Peter got me a couple of years ago, I was lucky to purchase the last of this in the store. I got this 140g jar from Sussan for $14.95 in their pyjama/bedroom department and never have I sniffed something so pleasant in my life. It's actually pear and ginger by Aromabotanical and on the website they come in 357g and 700g. Because I love this so much, I'm possibly going to buy the 700g which is currently out of stock but I still want it. If you happen to walk by a Sussan, stop by their candles and try this one out. It even comes in a handwash... just saying.

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