Growing Out

I think my fringe has gotten to a point where it's beginning to annoy me and this is usually about the time that a new trim is due out of frustration with the fact that it'll take a million years to grow out. But this time I won't give in. I don't think I can actually recall the last time I successfully grew my fringe out since all I can really remember is having a fringe practically my whole life. I know many of us girls who have had fringes for years tend to just keep cutting once they're too long to either keep that same hairstyle we have or purely because of impatience. I must say that even now I'm struggling to keep my mind occupied from thinking too much about how my hair looks like in the mirror without wailing over how boring and useless my fringe has become. My goal right now is to grow it out so I can experiment different styles that I otherwise couldn't achieve with side sweeps or blunt cuts. At the moment I've been surviving with bobby pins and little girls teeth clips that I found lying around from when I was much younger. Pinning them back really does help with the waiting process since I'm at ease when it comes to styling it. I'm not entirely sure how long this will last, but I do hope it does. 

On another note, knowing Melbourne, our heritage stands in small buildings or museums that are open to the public. We don't have ruins or ghost towns as the infrastructure continues to develop. But there is this one place that is yet to be turned into something new as if it never existed at all. There was nothing seedy about the place. Just walls and buildings filled with empty spray cans and walls covered in graffiti. I've seen pictures posted of this place and thought to visit. The cardboard on the windows give a rather echoing bang against the window panes and the pigeons coo only adds to the thrill of their flapping wings. There were shadows and shade and right in the middle, some of the roof has probably caved in over time, but even just standing there, it felt like an urban atmosphere. 

cotton on striped shirt - blue version

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