Lady Crush: Sarah Paulson

It's remarkable how we can become emotionally attracted to a certain character who is none like ourselves as we begin to consume their lives slowly and vicariously within the four walls of a much smaller screen to our own lives. Recently becoming an American Horror Story fanatic, I've been well-absorbed by the intelligently filmed series of brilliant creators, producers, directors and most importantly; the actors to convey their characters so perfectly. I find the different plot lines in each season rather creative and the hard working people who put it together have to be complete geniuses to come out with these intense series of different aspects to horror films in merely such a small show. My admiration grew very quickly towards Lana Winters in Asylum. A persistent journalist who becomes much too interested in a case which lands her a whole season of trouble. Despite her endless run-ins with tragedy and evil, I think she is probably the best and strongest most optimistic protagonist I've seen on TV lately. I felt like the whole season was a long thriller with her in it. I won't mention any spoilers but the creators know their eras down pat. The props and costumes, fashion and hair. Character development is well interpreted by the actors too and I'm still just impressed at how quickly my mood would shift according to their circumstances. If I were to re-watch the season, I'd screen shot my Lana favourites because besides the fact that she wears the same rags throughout the season, as a reporter, her dresses, suits, jackets and hair still gets me rather jealous. I'll admit. I'm obsessed.