I've been wanting to make this post for a long while now but I never knew how I'd go about talking lashes. I wanted to break this into two parts; the first being my experiences and my favourite products; and the second being a tutorial on how to put them on with ease. No matter how old we first start, beginners will always find a hard time with them. 

Most people, like myself use false lashes because we weren't blessed with lusciously long, curvy ones and others want to accentuate their eyes. My first experiences with them were messy and pokey for the most part and I never really liked how they looked on me because I didn't really know how or what I was meant to be doing. Up until the beginning of 2015, I've had nasty experiences and never got to appreciate them for what they were supposed to do for me. They were heavy, spiky and for some reason made my eyes really tired and dry. When I went to the Philippines earlier in the year, I decided to get eyelash extensions as they were really cheap compared to Australian prices and I had wanted to try them for a while. I loved them and they were super pretty. They felt a little heavier on the first two days but I had gotten used to them by the third day and they lasted almost a month until I had to take them off. I don't think I'd get them done here anytime soon as I'm still not prepared to spend that much on them right now so I've settled for false lashes instead. A week after removing my extensions, I began missing them and thought to buy a pair of falsies at Priceline

The pair I chose was Eylure Texture No 117 which came pre-glued. Before I tried them, I read different tutorials and watched people on Youtube show me how I'm supposed to use them because they were such a pretty pair that it would only be a waste if I applied them incorrectly again. And from there, I think I just fell madly obsessed with falsies. Gradually, I began buying different types from the Eylure brand like lashes that were made for extra volume, definition and even a couple of dramatic ones. Eylure isn't the only brand I have tried but they are by far my favourite. They have an impressive assortment of lashes so any of them could really suit you. If you're thinking of purchasing a few pairs from Eylure, go for it! They have great packets for beginners and most of their lashes are pretty straight forward to apply. I haven't found a single one to be heavy or pokey for my eyelids.
My current favourite pair is the Exaggerate No 143 and I think I may have worn them over 15 times and I haven't found the need to replace them yet. That's another one of the pros to good quality falsies. As long as you're looking after them properly, they should have a shelf life of 10-15 wears. If they last longer than that then even better! You'll figure out when you'll need to buy a new pair which is when they begin to go yucky from the glue and you can no longer clean it off to look perfect for the next wear. You can find their biggest range in Priceline stores although I don't live so close to one, soemtimes my local Coles sells No 117 in the beauty/skin/body/hair care isle. I'll also be sure to throw up a tutorial on how I select, size and apply a new set of false lashes.


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