So upset

Mother was so convinced that she would neuter Chace just so we could keep the poor little boy but instead, she wants to give him away...TOMORROW! Poor bubby, he will miss his family soo much and he's going to stress, and what's worse is that the family my mum is giving him to doesn't have another male rat to keep him company. It's like yanking a 4 yr old boy away from his family to live with one that has no one to communicate with and bond with. I'm not angry, just upset. He's sitting on my lap right now, within my wooly scarf to keep himself warm :(. I have grown so attatched to these pups and I sometimes wish that Tulip had given birth to all girls. I don't want to give Chace away! I want a boy rat too. I probably wouldn't be able to stand the pain I'd be left with when he's gone. I love animals, and I care too much for them. I would hate it if Poo-chu was taken away from me...I'd probably cry bucket loads of tears for her. I just can't let my pets go.

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