In terrible need for a job

Staying home today for my monthly friend has decided to come and pay me a painful visit.
I don't really have anything I want to save up for only because my 18th birthday is coming up at Halloween XD but I would like to earn money and become a bit more independant in that department only because I'm constantly feeling bad about my Mother spending money on her only child. I'm inheriting a car, WILL be a proud owner of a lovely baby grand, I've finally recieved my totally cool vintage 1960's model of a Diana F+, and next year my mother will be urged to buy me a laptop before I start my course wherever I get accepted...and if I get accepted. Don't you find it funny how you want to spend your money on things and your parents say, "No, don't spend your money, save it" but for what exactly? I've got nothing I want to save up for! I'm thankful that God placed me in a family that provides everything I need and more for me. And when it comes to money, I'm not bad with it. I'm not constantly buying something with it, I've learned in the past year to stop buying canteen food because it's crap and expensive. I don't spend my money on overly priced products, and if you knew me, I'm probably the most cheapest person you would know. If i found a bargain, then yes I would buy it, but who doesn't buy a blouse that is in perfect condition and is on sale for $5? Cheesles. And I barely go out to be able to into a shop to find good clothes. But when it comes to money, I will admit, I am very good at budgeting, when I want something, I do my best to earn it. It takes a good few weeks of waiting and dedication of not spending my Pocket Money to buy what I want.
Now, I do believe it's time for me to get a job. I don't care if it's on the weekends, which is what I would prefer actually. Sorry, I just felt like letting all this out because I'm always envying the vintage blogspots that I look at like "The Clothes horse", "Adore Vintage", "Calivintage (stuff hyperlinking). AND MODCLOTH :( I can never afford anything from there. But one day...yes one day I will be a proud owner of something from their shop.

- Geeze I found her. I left her wandering around the house whilst I was typing this blog

Btw, since I have been lavished by my lomo and everything that came with it, here's a picture of the camera FT. Spotty in the background.


What a cute warm season scene, I love what she's wearing:

And what a lovely cold seasoned scene with mine and Inkarri's future dog, scottish terrior:

(Pictures from the Adore Vintage blogspot)

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Anonymous said...

You'll end up buying everything I need :)