Happy Birthday Dad

It's his birthday and I didn't greet him because I woke up a little later than usual only because I didn't sleep properly last night. But I called him during lunch time and greeted him so most is all good.
One minus for the day was that poor baby Thumbalina had a generic disease which had stopped her nerves from working from her back all the way down her right leg and tail. The Vet said she wouldn't last very long at all so he told us it would be better to put her to sleep and so we did. We said our goodbyes to my cutest rat and I never saw her again :'(. On the way home from the Vet my eyes were balling a mass amount of tears that I couldn't see anything that was outside the car window. My cry was pretty silent though but when I got home the sniffles took place and so my face looks very drowsey now.
Not much for an average day...

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