Ebay is a good freind I guess...

I've been having a craving for an era setback for quite a while and it's driving me nuts! I'm not quite sure what the movie is called but I remember watching a movie with my Ate Aiza with the oh so gorgeous Elijah Wood. He didn't know if his father was still arrive and all he did was write him letters and keep them in his suitcase. He wrote his letters with the shiniest, most prettiest, red typewriter ever! And now I've been looking for one that I reallly want and will pay my money for it. So far Ive had a lot of luck finding the ones I crave for but with a little less luck, bidding goes soooo high that I ca't afford it. There are local pick ups but in the US. There are local pick ups in Australia too but they're in Sydney, Brisbane or 2 hours away from Melbourne and my parents won't be bothered to drive all that way :(.
I had my eyes on this for a while but I'm still contemplating.
...isn't she lovely? I think she is. But there are other items on ebay that I'm still watching sooo yeah :) hopefully there is one I could have. Even if it doesn't look as nice as this one I guess.
Oh and byt the way, I found out that there will be a new Typo store opening in Highpoint quite soon! Cannot wait because it's has thee best stationary. Will be going to harbourtown with my parents just so I can go shopping there but shoosh or they won't take me.

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