VCE Music Night

Didn't know that Mel and Bdave were gonna come last night but I think that Rochelle invited them. It was nice of them to do so.

The day had been so nerve racking for us young musicians. Rehearsals had gone terribly wrong and some people were just not up for a Music Night. If you thought about it, we had very few songs to perform last night but all this preparation and rehearsal was stressing out the teacher, but the students mostly. Several songs had to be learned on the day and a few were not even finished. You probably found very little confidence in the performers during the early hours of the morning. Using the very little time we were given, we spent it wisely so that we could perfect our songs before the night. The hour had arrived for the recital to begin and the atmosphere was filled with anxiety and tension, though the audience did not sense it.

I must say, sitting down for the first half had excited me and I was not disappointed. I'm very proud of my classmates and they did an amazing job. The girls looked stunning and the boys had performed astoundingly.

To my dismay, the first song I sang was not up to scratch and therefore, flaws were noticeable. Thankfully, I was told that my voice sounded nervous and that was a good sign that it didn't sound so bad after all. The final song blew the night. I am very thankful to Aaron Mazo and my dearest Inkarri for showing moral support as they were the only two who DEATH moshed to my song...almost hurting people in the process. It was very uncomfortable to see a camera watching me though, because they are very unforgiving devices that capture your every move and flaw you create in an instant.

Anyways, well done to the brave performers who had the courage to stand up to a crowd of many. I'm very proud and it was once again, a great experience.


Anonymous said...

its what we do xoxo

Blue Iris Rivera said...

lol thanks. you and aaron were thee best performers I reckon ;)