Trip down to Bunnings

D.I.Y and housework tools are not my thing but I thought I'd help Father with his selection of metal; bolts, screws and all for the pergola out in the back.
I never would have though that the smell of lumber would ease me. As I walked through the wood isles with Father, it was though each timber piece had their own scent, maybe they did but it only amused me. There was scent of musk and then hay, then some smelt of vinigar which was strange but only made me less bored of this stereotypical warehouse for the handy men of families. I wandered off to explore the place, to touch each gadget on the shelves, pretending as if I knew what I was doing. Of course, since the warehouse was mostly men-dominated, a few of the opposite sex were eyeing me. I wonder what their thoughts may have been, nothing of the explicit nature I hope for it was a cold day and there for I was dressed in proper jeans and a thick warm jacket. I had been careful not to offend the weather. I picked up the biggest drill and much to my surprise, it wasn't as heavy as I thought. The man working in the tools section laughed at me, bemused at my actions. I had been concentrating too much on imagining what I would look like using it, and my hand gestures? It was a LOL moment for the employee and I. One isle made me laugh for it was filled with crayons of many colours and pencils too. Men need crayons? It was a funny thought. They didn't have packets of them though, but if I was a man, it would be too hard to choose what colour. I thought men only used markers and grey leds. Wrong again missy. A sight which made me cringe the most was the girl at the counter. Age? Probably 18. She had lucious red hair but her fingernails were 4 times the size of a normal fingernail. They were painted red, but I do believe they were acrylic, I was focusing on analysing her. I could barely understand the words that came out of her mouth. The size of the gum she was chewing was as big as ping pong ball and all she did was chew and chew and talk and chew. I saw men eyeing her, but then look away because of the unattractivness she brought forth with the open-mouth chewing marathon she had going on at her counter. But other than that, I guess she was pretty. The last isle that we passed through was filled with different sized pipes and pipe-connectors. As stupid as it may sound, let me warn you that I had fogotten that people are walking all over the place every moment and a beeping was going on and off. Grabbing two long pipes, I used them as binoculars to look through. Father was by my side and he thought it was funny and smirked. Then the beeping got louder and I looked up behind me with my so called "binoculars", a man was standing in an extremely tall vehicle right behind me. I quickly put the pipes down but I had hit the behicle hard with it and screamed out sorry. Off to the car we went. I tried to walk as fast as I could. I just could't bare the embarrassment from that. It was a good day :).

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