Yesterdays Are Always Better

During this time I have been given to clean, I thought that I could sneak in some time to blog and edit some things before I resume back to my unwanted chores. Hadn't I promised that I would post something yesterday? Yes, well I kinda broke that promise haven't I? I'm not such a reliable person, I fail to accomplish goals that I set for myself and end up finishing them ages later. But yesterday, I can honestly say that I had been away the whole day since the morning with Ink to go straight to the beach. We did meet up with a couple of friends which was nice company but they appeared to have arrived when we were planning to leave. But we'll be seeing them again. An unfortunate day it was for the beach though because I did not expect such a lovely sunny day to be such a terribly windy beach day. All the sand kept flying to us and getting stuck on our sunscreen-soaked skin. The water was cold at first but then the feeling fondled with my skin. I got water stuck in my ears and it hurt but after a while, the water didn't get to me as much. We then ate dinner and I called my mum that we were doing so in case she got angry at me for being gone the whole day. She didn't complain.

So yes, here's to me making up for the day... as I promised I would post some pictures of the things my mum bought me the other day.
Stripey black and white dress with random floral print.s It's cute and so is the cut back.
Not my colour, but it was my size so mum bought it for me. Also a cute back.
A few tops because I don't have any. I'm not a huge fan of the Rolling Stones but I'm quite proud to say that I own one of the infamous T-shirts.
Mum picked out the cute sailor skirt but in this picture it looks black and white when it's actually blue and white horizontal stripes. And the floral high waisted shorts are from Dotti and they may need some altering to do because they don't seem to be so waist-length. And the black skirt is for work because it's summer and stuff the black skinnies for hot weather.
So as soon as I finish my chores, I'm off to the Centre to get a haircut. I will also be back later to announce some ridiculous updates and maybe even a video of my hair!

P.s, sorry for the small thumb nailed pictures...That's all I can fit in during this time... Thank you!

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