Wishlist Time Already?

I would probably nom-nom-nomming if I had these things but no one really pays attention to anyones wishlist so I'm guessing that I'd probably be my own chris cringle and purchase I guess, a few of these things for myself this Christmas. Don't think of me for this selfish side of me. I do have plans for Christmas presents for close friends and family this year so I doubt that whatever I might make from working, I won't be saving up much. The only people I really need good presents for is Inkarri, my mum, my dad and Sim.

Before you leave this post, have a look at some much-wanted items that my eyes keep dialating over:

1) The Sumptuous Socks $15 by Modcloth, 2)Wheels and Dollbaby Bluebird Tattoo Print Silk Shirt $249.98 by ASOS, 3) Ecote Canvas & Leather Backpack $68 by Urban Outfitters, 4) Statement Skull and Heart Detail 3 Finger Knuckle Duster Ring $20.69 ASOS, 5)Jones Patchwork Quilt $128 by Urban Outfitters, 6) Crosley Classic Kitchen Phone $54 by Urban Outfitters, 7) Olsen Circle Shades $18 by Nasty Gal, 8) Navajo Blanket Skirt $45 by Nasty Gal, 9) Velvet Wrap Platform $48 by Nasty Gal, 10) Janeta Floral Shorts $38 by Nasty Gal

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