An Animal For Me

What a weird sort of fetish to have. I think animal prints are quite intriguing and I would put myself through great extremeties to have them. But I can't and only because of the fact that they don't always suit me, or maybe my use for them is worn incorrectly. It would almost be quite paramount for me to have a wardobe filled with many prints because mixing and matching doesn't seem to look so difficult to do. This summer I think it would be nice if I had a few of these.

1) Printed Cardigan by Alice Point 2) Printed Maxi by Disarming Darling 3) Chiffon Maxi Dress by Fashion Fillers 4) Leopard Print Romper by Fashion Vibe 5) Toy Fur Jacket by Sterling Style 6) High Waisted Shorts by Late Afternoon

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