It barley even counts as a picture, but only because my parents have fallen asleep so I don't have access to my father's DSL. The company of my phone had to do and the lighting is very poor. But yes, I got my haircut today. Wasn't happy overall with my experience at the place. If I was ever going to get my hair cut for that much money, I'm imagining it to be incredible with a male hairdresser who is either gay or very metrosexual. Sorry for the sterotype or sexism, but I've always thought that it was true. That male hairdressers were better because they are so metro that they probably know what looks good/better on a girl than the girl thinks on herself.

I did have a man do my hair, but he barley spoke to me, gave any expression or advice. No products were used in my hair, there wasn't any effort and I spent so much! I know I wasn't expecting such a dramatic change because for once, that's not what I had wanted. But I was expecting more than I had got today. I didn't end up having any time to film it either but tomorrow, I'm sure there will be a video up.

If you can't actually see, my hair is an inch shorter and my dead ends are gone. My hair is now soft and it'll start growing healthier again and I'm sure heaps fast as it always used to.

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