The Best Til' Last

This week has been quite eventful and I'm happy to be sharing it with you today. Firstly, Monday and Tuesday had been THE most tormenting days of my life due to the fact that I was so scared of what I might get paid on the Wednesday following and if I would have enough money to spend for the formal. For those of you who may be foreign to the word 'formal' [which by the way I am mostly talking to American's or any other nationality with the same traditions], I would have to describe it to be be very much like a prom, only we don't wear deb/maids-of-honour type dresses. Well I guess that during the years, the scene for a formal has become more cocktail/disco[?] dresses. But I was very proud to see the girls at CSC looking beautiful and genuinely as pretty as I've ever seen them. Also in comparison to the prom, girls and boys don't ask eachother to go. We just all go together in our so called "clique" groups and it kind of saves us from the embarrassment of asking. And we have a course meal. Or at least our school had a course meal.

Wednesday, I woke up or arrived at the shopping centre a little too late for I hadn't exactly booked a hair appointment. Everything started going wrong when I realized the cheapest place to get my hair done had no places from me in time. I swear I tried to book over the phone but their number seemed rather disconnected. I finally found a place and I wasn't in the greatest mood so I apologize to the hairdressor who was styling my hair whilst I answered her questiones with my hormes slightly on a high. She did my hair and it was amazing. After that, I had to go and get my make-up done and Ink had to leave. That stressed me out heaps more because I had to walk all the way home from the bus stop. Once it was done, I hopped onto the bus and I almost started breaking down infront of these people who were staring at me because my face and hair was all done up. The wind became stressingly stronger and it started to rain. I felt their eyes gleaming at me, laughing aloud inside. It was embarrassing already. Though I remembered that my friend was at the shopping centre too and I decided to call her and ask for a lift home. Much to my relief, she was there, but already in the car and she ended up taking me right to my doorstep. If I had walked in the wind and rain that day, I vowed to never show up that night. I would take a shower, and weap away my feelings in my room. THE worst feeling ever!

God is good and I got home quite safe and still in tact. Though I had to reajust some things in my hair with hairspray but then I was ready.
Arrived at my friend's house and we took some pictures together. Most of the pictures I have aren't mine. They are all stolen from my friends facebooks. You can check out the rest of the pictures that I was tagged in here. Us as a group look hot together haha. I'm just saying. and I'm going to miss them all heaps. They are such a fun and welcoming bunch of people who don't know how to gossip because they end up talking about someone who is within listening distance from them. I love them all.

I'll recap this from my Facebook as "Who says that finishing school isn't sexy?"

Then after the formal, we arrived at Crown and I met my beautiful baby who had just turned 20 on the same day. He dressed up just for me [and because he didn't want to stand out from all the people from the formal who came with us]. We walked around the place for a bit and it was the first time I had walked into a casino. It was really trippy but I didn't spend any money that night.

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