Plead The Filth

I guess I'm back after such a long period of time living my life outside of this study room. I was starting to wonder exactly what had been happening to my blog and it didn't surprise me much that I hadn't really had any updates. That's a total downer for me. But anyways, I'm just going to blog about some recent things that have happened and things that will happen. These holidays have been such a blast [though there will be bored streaks from time to time] and I wish it could be much longer than I know it will be.

First of all, I've ben working, quite a lot actually. OH AND BY THE WAY...MERRY JESUS DAY TO EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WHO JOINED EACH OTHER WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO SHARE THE AMAZING GIFT THAT GOD HAS EVER GIVEN TO US ALL. And since this December period, Christmas shifts were so crazy, I even got to work a 7 and a half hour shift until 1am in the morning. All I ended up doing was blowing a few hundred balloons until we had to close up. The pay for sure is amazing but I wouldn't know because I haven't gotten paid yet! But I will find out tomorrow and then go shopping for a few more things even though it's much too late for boxing day sales...that's what I get for getting paid every fortnight.

I had an audition to the place that I would like to be attending next year to do a Music course. I had to book an audition/interview with JMC and I was allowed to bring someone to accompany me and I chose my dear friend Fonzi. He's so awesome for saying yes and helping me out. I bet that if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't of gotten a place for me at the Academy. And yes, the next thing I was about to say is that I got accepted! They want me! I was so surprised when my mum told me that I had received my pre-selection letter in the mail on Christmas Eve. I think it was the best present I got this year. Now all I need to do is wait until I get a letter from VTAC saying that I have been officially accepted into the place and then I can go on my orientation. I will be attending in March next year and I'm heaps excited for my future.

Speaking of future, I've been having talks with Inkarri and I think we have things planned for ourselves. As much as I love his spontaneity, planning ahead is always a good way to go if you want to be serious. Future is looking high and very convincing...
I went shopping today with my mum and ended up watching a movie with my cousins and her together. It was a nice day, shame I didn't spend it outside. Mother bought me quite a few pieces and one which I'm not too happy about because the button broke as soon as I put the garmet on for the first time. But I'll tell you all about that tomorrow when I post up my Mother's spendings.

Also, I'll be getting a haircut this week, hopefully not too short, but good enough so that the dead/shocked bits from my last terrible haircut can be all chopped off. I miss healthy hair and that's all I want at the moment so that I don't have to go to the beach thinking how damaged my hair feels even though there wouldn't be a difference from beach water and shower water.
And one more change I'll be doing to myself is getting a piercing. Yup! A piercing this Friday where my best friend Sim is going to film it and hopefully I could post up a video for you all on how that went. I will also be revealing then what I had done. Don't worry, it's nothing too rude but I'll gladly show you all. Mother thinks I'm getting a tattoo, but I had to clarify that I will be getting that another time so she's now heaps worried about my piercing. But she's the type of mum [if you can call it a type] who cares more of the value of what's inside a person's heart. She thinks that 'whatever you lack in looks, success, or intelligence. I will love you as long as your heart is set straight and your attitude is good'. Yeah, she loves me because I treat her like THE best mother in the world. You know, letting her live through pain during your teenage years...only kidding!
Well I'm off to bed and hopefully I can show you my new items that I will be keeping in my closet. Until then, Goodnighters!

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