It's been an extremely long weekend and to top it off, I'll be walking into the completely unknown this week as I will be at my Uni for a couple of days doing all that meet-and-greet stuff that first ear Uni students do I guess. Last Friday our church's own conference called The Summit had started and for the rest of the weekend there were a couple of guest Pastor's preaching at out church. It's just a really good feeling to know that I am a part of the growth and love of the church. This was probably the only time that all people from all our campuses were all squashed into our, now, massive auditorium to join the significant event.

Now Saturday was just too long but it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it. I had to wake up quite early in the morning to get to church on time for Kidmania. It was probably THE longest morning I've ever been in Kidmania. It's great to be working on the Kidmania team to help nurture and teach the kids that God loves them ever so much. But when the toddlers are forced to wake up much too early in the morning they get cranky and grumpy and really really bad tempered. You end up with wet pants, sore eyes, ripped tissues and big tanties and when there's 3 leaders and 20-something children to look after that usually only stay with you for an hour, let's just say that doesn't mix well. But after those 2 1/2 hours had passed, my best friend, Sim picked me up so we could go to Kitchen Workshop at Crown to celebrate her 18th birthday. happy birthday to her and I love her. But once that was over, I was destined to go back to The Summit to look after the kids again. this time it felt like t dragged because the children had realised that they were away from their parents for too long and so they ended up turning from angelic babies to wild beasts who scratch and pinch and bite and scream at you and other children. Luckily, home time meant sleep time which meant I could finally rest my legs from walking to a fro.

On Sunday it was Mac receiving day. As in, my parents were to buy me my first laptop because they finally felt that I was actually worth spending money on. Knowing this had probably made my day feel as long as ever but it was all worth it when i got home and my dad greeted me with a "We didn't end up getting it", but turned out he was only lying because he's a liar and all. Usually people take pictures in Photo Booth but Ink bet me to it reclaiming that he "travelled a long way to take this picture".

Today, I had orientation at JMC with my friend Jason who's currently living at our place for a while. It was an interesting day. Jay and I figured that most of the people in our class were metal-heads. There are 2 bassists in our class and only a couple of drummers and most are either vocalists or guitarists. A majority are female. Turns out that the studio where we do prac is the studio that the band Jet record at when they're not on tour. Cool right?

As for the rest of the week, tomorrow I have an audition so that my teacher's can figure out what band/group they'll put me in to work with for the rest of the year. I hope it's a great group with people who have versetile scheduals for the week, who are laid back, and I guess who are interesting and are cool to work with. Our first class together is on Friday and Jason and I might just have a ride there so it'll save us about $6.80 for the day. So that's pretty much my big week ahead. 

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