Edie Vintage

Here I am, searching online for cute vintage garmets that I would/could/might buy. Ebay was of my first preference so I searched "vintage mustard" as my keywords to finding something I was hoping of the colour, mustard. I happened to of stumbled upon this blouse but I wasn't sure of how often I might wear it so out of curiosity I decided to visit the Ebay store from which this item belonged to.
The name of the store is called Edie Vintage so click the link to follow through to her store. I fell in love with the items she was selling and the colours and brightness of her photos are sure quite attractive to me. I assume that she goes out thrifting for clothes that have potenial to slightly modify, then sell in her store. Her name is Laura and I really do insist you take a look and for updates of new items you can always add her on her Tumblr page here.

She's got a few good poses and no doubt she looks absolutely gorgeous in all of them. She's so talented and I love her uniqueness of finding the right things to opp-shop and sell. I'm definantly keeping an eye out for the perfect garmet so I can take pictures and hopefully create an outfit post for it, linking to her store once again.

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