Limedrop 2011 Collection

I've been inspired! Now that I'm counting down the days until THE Fashion Festival, Frankie magazine hasn't let me down once when it comes to indie fashion and I often see Limedrop slipping it's way into the deepest pages of Frankie. Here's what some of their Summer/Autumn Collection looks like. What I love the most is the mixture of cozy, casual, retro, classic and patterned pieces. The wild colours of other items are the best part about bringing out the best in vintage from the 70's. Many of their looks are mostly compatible with casual and eveningwear that needn't be too formal.

Gosh I feel like jerk for losing my link!


rolleeee said...

I'll let you know whats the newest fashion craze for winter/autumn
I'll be at Myer VIP winter launch :)

Blue Iris Rivera said...

ogbe that's awesome!
sim and i are attending L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. You should totally see to coming to one of the events