Romance Was Born

If you haven't noticed, I do have a countown that I decided to start yesterday and I thought that I'd give schedualed posts a try. It worked for this morning so it'll work until next month. Seeing as though I'm in fashion inspiration mode I had been "getting to know" our Australian designers. Researching them and looking out for past collections is quite amusing and just focusing on the individuality of glam and colour is really an eye opener. There's just endless opportunities to create something new, you've just got to figure how, but in your own unique way. There are quite a few designers who stood out to me the most and I guess I'll share each one with you a day until I have no more inspiration left. These pictures below are from the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival of 2010.
The rugged-chisel creations by Romance Was Born are defiantly what retro is all about. They have just added the extra glam by creating a grungy and edgy look with dark and bold colours with the shimmer of bling and sequins. The puffy hips or the puffy shoulders mostly finish the look.

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