A Selective Potential Interview

One of my all time favourite bloggers agreed to a small interview (which I still barely call an interview) and I'm so glad that she did. It's Tieka from the very inspiring blog, Selective Potential. She's a girl with a unique style which is influenced by many other bloggers out there. Through the years, she's developed a collection of floral dresses and I think that's what makes Tieka, one of many unique fashion bloggers. I found she is quite herself and very honest as a person and personally, I value that. 
Here's how we went...

Me: At the age of 5 what did you want to become?
Tieka: I wanted to be a musician - especially a singer. At the time, my dad and I both loved Journey and I would honestly run around the house signing "don't stop believing" and always dreamed I'd be a rockstar ;) 

Me: Who's your favourite fashion icon and why?
Tieka: Honestly, I'm not in love with a certain celebrity for their style. I'm drawn to real girls with real style that I can gain inspiration from - that's why I love blogging so much. Bonnie from Flashes of Style is probably my biggest fashion inspiration. I'm always checking her blog for ideas.

Me: Your Top 5 Fashion tips...
Tieka: Mix black and brown, match odd prints with similar color belts/shoes, go for funky-patterned tights to make a bold statement without spending a lot of cash, if something is too expensive - try thrifting for something similar! and keep an inspiration board so whenever you're out of ideas you'll have something to refer to 

Me: Describe your crib.
Tieka: I live in a small-town beach apartment, three bedroom, with a sunroom, living room, laundry room and outside rooftop deck. We have wide-planked wood floors, earthy colors for the paint and it's pretty much all decorated with IKEA ;)

Me: If you were to invent anything, what would it be?
Tieka: Well, I don't know if it's inventing, but I'd love to "start" a fashion/style magazine! 

...And there you go guys! I just want to thank Tieka for being so humble and taking up some of her time to answer my ridiculous questions. She's so amazing and a very pretty girl. I love her style and I'm sure that many of her readers feel the same.

All images via Selective Potential

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