Shop My Closet

Well it's not available yet since I haven't put anything up to sell. But here's a very rough preview of what 'Shop My Closet' is going to look like. I used Wix as my website maker and I'm quite ecstatic about it actually. It's looking terrible at the moment but it will definitely under constant construction until the proper launch. I was actually originally going to hire my friends as models but that's way too much of a hassle so I actually might pose for the camera myself. I know, awkward much?

But yes, I'm slowly getting somewhere. I had so many huge plans like making a small business boutique online, but I guess this is sort of like it - except I'm selling my clothes. But I'll continue to help this idea develop into it's full potential whilst doing my current course. All I need now is some good lighting, Photoshop and a block-out. Can't wait really.

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