Formidable Weather

Image made on Polyvore with Wellies gumbooties

After experiencing possibly the most terrible weather just a couple of hours ago, I realised that my closet is lacking a pair of gumboots. Actually, I've been wanting a pair for so long now and having soaking wet shoes after walking in the hail and rain today, I felt it was a sign... that I MUST have a pair of gumboots. Yes, you read correctly. I walked in the hail and rain today, not because I'm stupid but because the clouds had to empty their bladders out at the worst possible time. This resulted in me soaking my clothes and my jeans that I regretfully put on this morning. How many of you know how uncomfortable it is to wear wet jeans? They stiffen up on your leg and they just feel so cold. This is why I refuse to wear jeans now, because They just don't warm my legs up and the denim material always feels cold especially when putting them on in the frosty morning without the heater on.

I feel that I actually have the perfect reason to buy them besides the rain. If any of you have been secretly stalking my twitter (which would be strange, yet awesome) you would know that I'm actually going to fly up to New Zealand for my mid-year break! I'm so excited and I really have to thank Ink's mum for this because my parents only really agreed to me going because of her assurance. Yes, I'm going with Ink and his family to FINALLY meet his (after 4 years of being together). So yeah apparently the winter weather is far worse up there and my toes get cold way too easily and a pair of Wellies fully fleece filled gumboots are definantly what I could use while I'm up there. I don't really have that many wintery clothes so when I get paid, I need to start looking for cheap jackets and such to wear. But I can't bring a lot so I have to give it some good thinking. 

Wanting a pair yourself? Check out wellies.com.au online.

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