Who You Are

I can't really explain my eagerness to know and keep listening to this amazing artist enough for you to fathom me in a way that relates us together. I doubt that none of you are clueless as to who exactly I am talking about but let me break it to you anyway. She's recently become one of my celebrity crushes since I'm just o deeply inspired by her positive attitude towards her incredible music and to herself. She's a British Pop-artist who is currently sitting on top 23 in the iTunes music store with her debut single 'Price tag', which by the way you should totally check out. Jesse is adorable and has a big heart since the audience that her music speaks to is everyone who struggles with personal issues. She's so encouraging and when she speaks of encouragement, there's just this humbleness that comes from her and she's very truthful to herself and her fans. Her songs and the lyrics within are uplifting and not to mention, very catchy to listen to for the bus ride home. 
Her views are the same about fashion too. She's a walking billboard but besides her confidence in what she wears, what inspires me most is her advice to girls who love to dress up and be pretty which is "It's all about how comfortable you are in your clothes. The price should mean nothing compared to your confidence in what you wear." In other words, "it's not about the price-tag" ladies...
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Elisha Francesca said...

I met her!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Jessie J <3 Nd you to Blue :)

Blue Iris Rivera said...

Naww yeah she's pretty awesome.
Love you too Elisha! Ox