It's become quite evident that  I've grown out of my celebrity-teen-crush part of my life or no other male musician is much too good looking enough to phase me once again. But I do say that I won't stop having crushes on blogs of real women who are constantly inspiring me everyday. These women are all bloggers and I'm so glad that we share a passion that thousands of other people like to do. Obviously, I don't often have the time to make outfit posts everyday as these people do, but when I can, I will. Sometimes these people are the reason why I want to be the better me.
Here's a new blog that's been catching my attention for a couple of weeks now but I'm finally alert enough to share her blog with you. Wunderlust. Just like any other woman that I'm so glad exist in this small world today, she is talented and loves what she does. Karin is a photographer of her own pictures but they are just so beautiful. She often takes her outfit posts in her garden on a bench or her small table set with a few quirky objects insight for the use of decor. She's very creative and i have no idea what is it about her pictures, but I find them so captivating.
All images via Wunderlust

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